In 2015, Alma Mater Education opened the Wioso Senior High School and Organic Farm, in Ashanti Region, Ghana. The project was intended as a proof-of-concept, upon which further schools could be developed in Ghana and beyond.


Alma Mater Education is a UK Registered Charity (1159983) and a US Tax Exempt 501c3. We have a mandate to provide high quality secondary education to those living in rural Africa who otherwise slip through the net of educational provision. We believe that education offers the opportunity for young people to lift themselves, and their families, out of poverty and provide them with the skills they need to do that. We are currently operating our first 'pilot project', combining a secondary school with an Organic Farm, to develop a blueprint for a financially self-sufficient rural school that funds itself, whilst providing education for free to those who need it most. It is our intention upon completion of this project to use it as a model to develop more schools.

We began in 2015 by charging moderate fees to half of the students while offering scholarships to the other half of the students. However after three years, it became apparent that these fees were beyond the means of many in the community and so we took the decision to go “fully free” in 2018, allowing us to focus entirely on the most vulnerable children in the surrounding villages.

After this decision was made, our strategy for financial self-sufficiency, and the manner in which we generate running costs, needed to change. Last year we began exploring ideas by which we could develop the farm land for export, employing an innovative commercial partnership agreement to develop a model for financial self-sufficiency.



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