The first Alma Mater school was opened in the town of Wioso, Ashanti region, Ghana, in September 2015. The location was selected with the support of our local partners, The Ghana Education Service and the Kumasi Institute of Tropical Agriculture, as an area particularly in need of educational support. There are no secondary schools within 20 miles and as much as 90% of the local children will not go beyond primary school.

Currently the school has 120 students (half of whom are girls), with 60 of those on full scholarships. We are currently constructing our Phase 2 building, with increased teaching space and an ICT suite and science lab, which will push our capacity up to 400 students by the end of 2016.

Phase 3 will be completed in 2017, at which point the project will be 100% financially self-sufficient, paying for itself through the fee structure and the farm. By then we will have 800 students, half of whom will be on full scholarships.