A Change of Focus, Challenges and New Partners

There are always going to be challenges with a project such as ours. Last year Ghana became the first country in Africa to offer free secondary education. Whilst this is obviously great for Ghana it understandably impacted our ability to raise revenue through school fees. As a result, and with some very exciting new partners, we took the decision to adapt our financial model and seek to raise running costs from exporting produce from our school farm. The extremely positive upshot of this is that our school is 100% free to all students.

New partners

In mid 2018, AME partnered with www.ieng-group.com, who have provided infrastructure development and with www.tonigarrnfoundation.org who have provided funding and visibility. Together they have donated a school dormitory, which is currently being constructed and a school bus. Both of these additions will allow us to recruit more students going forward.

Most exciting of all is that they are committed to developing a model for building further schools, in Ghana and beyond, with agricultural exporting at the fore.


Agricultural Exporting as alternative Running cost model

As mentioned above, the development of free schooling in urban areas has impacted on our model. As a result we have begun to grow Organic Moringa on the site for export, in order to generate revenue to cover the running cost of the school itself.

We have partnered with www.hpwag.ch/en/home/, the largest European exporter of dried fruit in West Africa. They collect the produce from our farm, deliver to their production facility in Accra, wash, dry, powder and export for us to Europe where we pick it up again in Antwerp.

We already have an order for 2 tonnes this year (with this buyer estimating 15 tonnes in 2019), with production targets of 40 tonnes next year, which will easily be enough to cover the running costs of the school allowing us to provide all our students with a 100% free education.


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