In 2015 Ghana was ranked worst in the largest OECD report on international educational standards ever published. This is not difficult to see why, as traditionally education in Ghana has been reliant on ROTE learning, where the student is solely responsible for their own performance.

Alma Mater Education incorporates a more inclusive, and student focused approach to teaching. We ensure that the environment is correct for students to reach their maximum potential. In doing so, the onus is placed on the teachers, rather than the students to perform. We believe it is this exoneration that has led to poor teaching standards in Ghana.

Further, we utilize practical learning. Of course, the farm plays a large part in this approach, and can be used to make lessons more engaging in Agriculture, Business or Science classes. But alongside this we encourage public speaking and class involvement to get rid of the outdated and ineffectual ROTE approach of other schools.

Finally, educational attainment often comes down to the simplest things – text books. Without the financial means necessary to purchase text books, many students grades will suffer hugely. We provide all text books for free in class, after school, and during weekends at the school library.